March 9th, 2011

Thanks for still following along despite my long hiatus! I’m back into blogging action now, but at a new URL. If you want to go straight to the knitting posts you can check them out at:

And I promise there’s new content there! I made a couple of FO posts already, and I’m working on a draft for the next post. I’ll be doing a combo of older FOs and current WIPs until I’m completely caught up with the backlog.

You’ll see links to some other (currently inactive) topics as well, if you care to check those out. My new blog has a combined feed and feeds for each specific category. The knitting feed can be found at:

The combined feed and other topic-specific feed URLs can be seen on the new blog.

Or, if you don’t care about my blathering anymore and just want to see new FOs, you can keep an eye on my Ravelry project page instead.

Hope to see you around!